Certified quality

Our labs are at the forefront to ensure a quality product, in line with the required parameters from international markets

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In Ambrovit S.p.A. the quality concept is deeply rooted in every company department. The new laboratory equipped with latest generation instruments for quality control and the most sophisticated software, also represents a move in this direction.


In the course of 2011 Ambrovit S.p.A. obtained certification for its Quality Management System in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 norm. Regular quality audits, carried out by TUV on all manufacturing processes, guarantee full conformity with all the requisites laid down by international standards. Other certifications include Euronorm 14592, which supplies size parameters, the tests to be effected and the quality control procedures a product must undergo in order to receive the Declaration of Conformity and EC marking.
In its quality control procedure regarding incoming products, Ambrovit S.p.A. also carries out various controls and tests in its company laboratory as well as being able to count on the collaboration of the laboratories in the Faculties of Mechanical and Structural Engineering of Trent University.


Furthermore, for the Russian market, Ambrovit is also in possession of Gost R certification, which attests conformity to safety and other essential requisites. Also for the Russian market, Ambrovit S.p.A. has obtained certification from the Russian association for the construction of timber houses.


Quality control

The quality laboratory guarantees operative reliability and plausibility of the results obtained. It’s equipped with the finest quality control instruments of the latest generation and sophisticated software for elaborating statistics:


>HITECH EUROPE C 250 S metallographic micro cutting machine
> HITECH EUROPE EP 15 pneumatic mounting press
> HITECH EUROPE AP 21 V automatic polisher grinding machine
> Rockwell FUTURE TECH FR – 3 E hardness tester
> Vickers micro hardness tester + FUTURE TECH FV – 300 dedicated software
> NIKON SMZ 745 T Stereoscopic microscopes + dedicated software
> VICIVISION MTL 250 3D projector and dedicated software
> KARL DEUTSCH LEPTOSKOP 2042 coating thickness tester
> DELTAFLUX drilling testing machine and dedicated software.
> CORROSIONBOX for salt spray test according to ISO-DIN


All instruments in use are subject to regular calibration tests as stipulated by management procedures in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 norm

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