09 Ott | Ambrovit – Coronavirus situation information

Dear Customer,

We inform you that Ambrovit S.p.A. confirms its operations throughout the national and international territory. Through an explanatory note of the Prime Ministerial Decree issued on the 8th of March 2020, the government has clarified that “the restrictions introduced DO NOT PROHIBIT THE CIRCULATION OF GOODS.

The company is taking all the necessary measures to deal with the “CORONAVIRUS” emergency, to protect our customers, our staff and anyone who interacts with our network.

Coronavirus 2020

Ambrovit S.p.A., in order to safeguard the health and safety of ALL its employees, was assisted by a health staff, coordinated by Dr. Andrea Adessi, who on Monday, April 6, carried out virological tests to verify the presence or absence of Covid 19, or antibodies to ascertain whether or not there is or has been Coronavirus and whether or not the individual has developed antibodies. Dr. Andrea Adessi, administrator of Onilab in Milan, specialized in laboratory diagnostics, also carried out virological tests in the nearby town of Robbio Lomellina.

• The company constantly monitors the evolution of the situation and ensures the scrupulous observance of the provisions on the containment of the contagion by anyone operating in its network;
• The staff has been equipped with all the suitable protections.

The situation is constantly evolving, so the measures implemented will be gradually modified and adapted to the needs. Even in this difficult moment,we continue to guarantee to our customers the best quality of service.

We extend to you our deepest and most sincere thanks for the trust you continue to give us
Best regards

Ambrovit S.p.A.


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