09 Set | Bolts and screws catalog #16: blind rivets

Blind rivets: a new product for 2019

Blind rivets are among the many new items available in the new Products catalog #16. Due to their extreme versatility, they are widely used in various application areas.

They are mechanical fasteners. They are also used when welding is not possible, for example, fixing two sheets together. A blind rivet, once applied, cannot be dismantled unless forcibly broken with a drill.

Blind rivets: fields of application

They are used to permanently fix plates, metal sheets or other materials, including plastic and wood. Because of their great versatility, they are widely used in a variety of sectors ranging from construction to aviation, transport and infrastructure building. Among the many types on the market, blind rivets are undoubtedly the most popular, most used and best performing.
blind rivets

They allow working easily even on a single side or in precarious situations where it is very difficult to get two-side access.

They are comprised of a main body and a mandrel that is split during fixing by using a special riveter.

Blind rivets: available types

Ambrovit’s new Product Catalog #16 offers four types of high performance and differently sized blind rivets. Wide or normal head blind rivets are available in several different finishes: A2 Stainless Steel, Cr3 Galvanised Steel or a Cr3/Aluminium Galvanised Steel Combination. Ambrovit also uses regulation compliant materials for these products, including a Rohs certified Zinc Cr3 finish. This finish is hexavalent chromium free, in line with current European regulations regarding environmental and human protection.

For more detailed information on blind rivets, see the dedicated section on our product catalog.

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