05 Ott | Concrete Screws

Head diameter varies from 5 mm to 7,5 mm


Sizes available


Different products



  • Galvanized CR3

Fields of applications

Newly-designed screws mostly used on concrete, full masonry or perforated bricks, for the fixture without the use of plugs or chemical compounds. They may be used with inserts and fitted with screw caps.

    • Concrete screws
    • For perforated bricks
    • For masonry
    • Screws for construction industry


Used for the fixture of doors and windows in aluminium, PVC and wood.

  • Concrete screws with a head diameter of 5 mm
  • Concrete screws with a head diameter of 7.5 mm
  • Screws for PVC frames
  • Screws for aluminium frames

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