The company’s market share grows while its product range expands

This has been Ambrovit S.p.A.’s unfailing mission for the past sixteen years. An objective it pursues with a sense of commitment and responsibility. Set up in 1997 by two managers with many years of experience in the business of screws and bolts, today Ambrovit S.p.A. is a leading player in fastener systems. The reason behind this success? Along with the quality of its products, its service is particularly decisive. The most important aspects of which are: prompt delivery and constant focus on customer requirements.


Ambrovit S.p.A is a point of reference for fastening systems and a consolidated company whose strengths lie in technology and quality


The corporate structure allows the handling, processing, packaging and shipment of significantly high volumes of goods in a completely safe manner, with virtually no possibility of error. The high-rise warehouse is managed inside of a self-supporting structure with a fully computerized and automated handling system. This allows for the company’s optimal management of logistics, which helps ensure the maximum efficiency of operating flows, both in normal everyday operations as well as in high-stress situations.


Two Bilwinc automated packaging lines run within the technological space, with a daily capacity of 18,000 boxes destined for customers in each sector, from the furniture industry to that of hardware, fixtures, carpentry, woodworking, metalwork, urban and garden furnishings.


A new service allows for the customization of labels with logos, drawings and descriptions on request

Product packaging is of primary importance to Ambrovit S.p.A.: the articles are in fact box-packed on company premises to guarantee quality also in this department. All the products included in the catalogue are packed in finely undulated carton boxes printed with a label to identify contents, in bundles, or delivered bulk in large 20 kg cartons, in polypropylene bags, and in recyclable plastic bags up to a maximum of 1 kg.


To optimize this service, all packaging formats are standardized; this makes it possible to order and receive the material according to storage requirements


All Ambrovit S.p.A. products are identified by a special label in conformity with standards laid down by current norms. In conformity with regulatory requirements regarding EC marked products, it is mandatory for the label to show the following minimum information on each piece of primary packaging (box/carton):

• Producer’s trademark
• Certifications Marking of product
• Producer’s name
• The last two digits of the year in which the marking is applied
• Number of the European directive
• Code / Description
• Dimension / Material / Lot

• Intended use and application
• Drawing
• EAN13 Barcode
• Pieces per box
• Finishing
• Production batch number:
identifies the articles at every phase of production and/or workmanship


Today, the headquarters of Ambrovit extend over an area of 12,000 square metres of which 6,000 are occupied by warehouses. The company in 2009 opened a completely automated warehouse: 28 metres in height for a storage capacity of 22,000 pallet places and 1400 picking lines.

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