01 Set | Ambrovit presents Proxima, a new “sustainable” warehouse


To continue its forward momentum, Ambrovit is always looking to the future, as reflected in its recent major investments in quality, logistics and services. The company’s Orion warehouse has now been joined by Proxima, increasing the available storage and range of fasteners on offer.

Founded in 1997, the company has long relied on its foresight and intuition to earn and maintain its leadership position in the world of fastening systems. Today, it is the ideal partner for industrial and distribution businesses.
Thanks to the initiative of the two founders, both entrepreneurs in the fasteners sector, the company was able to set itself apart from its competitors in Italy and Europe. By doubling its warehouse space, the company has further raised the bar in terms of efficiency in the supply chain and the management of large product volumes. As a result, it has been able to reduce waiting times and improve operational efficiency for its customers.

Backed by this latest development, Ambrovit is setting out to focus on new markets and new segments in the world of fasteners to respond to a new customer base,” noted Mattia Sozzè, the company’s Quality Manager

Today, the automated warehouses in Garlasco – Orion and Proxima – occupy a total area of 24,000 square metres. The new warehouse Proxima is 86 metres long, 35 metres wide and 28 metres high, and it is linked to the pre-existing warehouse thanks to a 26-metre-long connecting bridge, which ensures that product handling is as seamless as possible. This forward-thinking investment has significantly increased the storage capacity: including automated warehouses, operational and logistics units, there are close to 100,000 additional pallet spaces, guaranteeing prompt delivery in 24/48 hours. Approximately 2,500 tonnes are shipped every month, backed by ever-increasing attention to customers’ needs..
The logistics center is equipped with a fully automated facility, managed by 16 stacker cranes for the storage and monitoring of palletized products, thanks to which picking activities and operational flows are increased.
The logistics centre is equipped with a fully automated system for storing and monitoring palletised products, which are handled by 20 stacker cranes, to optimise the picking activities and all operational flows.

As a young company, Ambrovit is always looking to the future, with a particular focus on sustainability and technological evolution,” continued Mattia Sozzè. “Thanks to our foresight in integrating our logistics into a fully automated environment, today’s investment represents the latest step on our path towards the most efficient and optimised automated processes.

the future is already here

The new Proxima warehouse was therefore built to minimise the company’s environmental impact. It is equipped with 650 high-performance photovoltaic panels, which are capable of generating sufficient energy for every stage of the supply chain.
These are only the last stages of a strategic path towards new goals of excellence at the service of an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

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