Anchoring concrete screws: a new product for 2019

The new Product Catalogue #16 presents a new type of concrete screw, in addition to our family of blind rivets. These anchoring concrete screws are widely used in different sectors. These screws allow anchoring metal or wooden pieces to solid or fissured concrete. Their versatility allows them to be used in different fields of application including plant engineering, industrial thermohydraulics, pipe mounting and fixing gratings, frames and metal profiles.

Anchoring concrete screws: advantages

The construction industry is increasingly attentive to product safety, performance and quality. This is why Ambrovit offers this type of high performance yet extremely low-cost screw. The advantages offered include considerable time savings in drilling and screwing. This is due to the fact that no dowel is needed and the anchor can be removed and repositioned. Attachment is also guaranteed near the edges without any danger of compromising structures.


Anchoring concrete screws: available types

Ambrovit’s new Product Catalogue #16 offers five types of high performance and differently sized anchoring concrete screws. Anchor screws with a flanged hexagonal, flat countersunk, cylindrical and half-round head are all available. Each type has special patented Trilow threading that facilitates screwing and avoids splitting. The notched tip, at the initial part of the thread, allows quick and clean carving into the concrete.

All screws have ETA Option 1 and REI 120 fire-resistance certification

The anchoring screws in the catalogue are available with an ENDURO treatment that guarantees a corrosion resistance of more than 1,000 hr. This allows their use even in highly corrosive outdoor environments.

For more detailed information on anchoring concrete screws, see the dedicated section in our product catalogue.