Ambrovit looks to the future with GO EASY!, a new brand dedicated to the hardware market.

The future is an incredible adventure” and Ambrovit has decided to embrace it by anticipating market trends and offering its customers constant innovation. This has led to GO EASY!, the new brand aimed specifically at a totally new segment in the DIY sector, with a brand-new image and affordable price range.

In fact, GO EASY!, aims to simplify the choice of fasteners for DIY, addressing directly to the end user who can comfortably choose the products that suit him in a quick and intuitive way.

GO EASY!: precision, speed, and autonomy

GO EASY! designed by Ambrovit is a direct business that offers customers the opportunity to independently purchase blisters in hardware stores, a sector still unexplored for Ambrovit who decides to enter the the retail sector.

To make the choice of products quick and easy, three different sizes of blisters, are available, containing different types of screws. To date, more than thirty products are available, including screws, hex lag screws, washers, nuts and rivets. Among these there are metric, self-drilling and self-tapping screws, that can be used on different surfaces such as wood, drywall and chipboard.

The packaging has a modern and essential design, with a technical drawing of the screws on the front, descriptions, sizes, and areas of use in both Italian and English. On the back, there are detailed descriptions in 9 languages, to facilitate the choice of the product. In addition, there are the certifications that Ambrovit possess: ISO9001 which demonstrates the strict quality standards observed; CE EN 14592 and CE EN 14566, for compliance with European standards on our products; ETA, which guarantees compliance with European technical standards; CE ETA 16/0381 and CE ETA 18/1065, to guarantee a safe and high-quality product according to European standards.

Modular displays: aesthetic impact and functionality

Appearance is important: that is why GO EASY! modular displays have a modern and eye-catching design, that draws the attention and simplifies the choice. They are specifically designed to stand out in any type of exhibition space, thanks to a two-color palette and a minimal design that demonstrates the attention to detail and functionality.

The versatility of the structures, which adapt to all kinds of displays and different spaces, demonstrates the attention to detail and functionality.

GO EASY!: the easy choice for DIY

With the launch of GO EASY!, Ambrovit confirms its vocation for innovation and continuous development. The company opens to a new market, that of DIY, with a high-quality product and an attractive design, in line with the needs of a wider range of customers.

GO EASY! is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a reliable, safe and user-friendly product. The variety of screws available, the clarity of packaging information and the convenience of the displays make GO EASY! the easiest choice for DIY.

Once again, with its many years of experience in the industry, Ambrovit proves to be a safe and solid partner that is also forward-looking and focused on the future.

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