In Ambrovit the doctor is always working hard and his office is open 24 hours a day: prevention is better than cure is his motto. The office of our busy doctor is made up of a quality control laboratory, equipped with the latest instruments and equipment for the controls and diagnosis we do on the products from our catalog.

Cutting, press, durometer, stereomicroscope, spessimeter: these and more others are the instruments which allow us to ensure a high quality level second to none all over the world.  We are not the only one convinced of the quality of our products: the certification for the Quality Management System, in conformity with the Uni En Iso 9001 norm, is the witness of the professional level of our projects and quality check.

And talking about certifications, Ambrovit likes to collect them all: the Euronorm 14592, which supplies size parameters and the quality check procedure, ETA certification and the Gost R for the Russian market.

Given that two doctors are better than one, besides all the tests in our laboratory, we can also count on the department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering at the Trent University.

Are you satisfied? Not yet? Neither us, in fact, in order to reach the best quality level, sometimes we send our doctor to be visited by another doctor.
All our manufacturing processes are subject to periodical controls by TÜV Italia, and every single analysis and diagnostic equipment is subject to periodical weighting and calibrations, as requested by the norm.

Only thanks and after these processes our products are ready to be sold. In this way: in Ambrovit the office of the doctor is open 24 hours a day, to keep every single nut, screw and bolt healthy.