Here in Ambrovit we are always ready to meet any type of order, from the biggest to the smallest one, from the most common types of screws and bolts, to those which are more special and rare to find.
How can we do that?

Well, we could say it is a kind of magic, Mary Poppins’ magic: our boxes are magic and fill themselves with the exact type and quantity of hardware you want, and are delivered as soon as possible, passing through the chimneys. Mary Poppins is magic and perfect, but unfortunately, magic is not our case: one can only try to reach perfection day by day, and this is what we do in our home in Garlasco.

With 12,000 square metres of which 8.000 of shed and 28 meters heights, Ambrovit can boast a warehouse that has 44.000 pallet places for 12,000 items, with 2 packing lines that can churn out on a daily basis up to 18,000 magic boxes.

And going on with the metaphor of magic, we can recall a great science-fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke, whose most famous and quoted phrase was: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Here is the secret of the magic of Ambrovit: a warehouse equipped with the best technology up-to-date, which allows us to put at your disposal the widest range of carpentry screws, washers, bolts, nuts, hex lag screws, self-tapping screws or self-drilling screws, nuts, concrete screws, and  much more.

In order to be able to meet every type of order and satisfy any type of customer is not enough to be speedy in packaging and shipping ready to deliver in 24/48 hours; and it is not only a matter of a great space in which to contain the largest number of screws and bolts: we are also helped by our labels, which contain all the data required for our boxes that crowd our 2 packaging lines.

Just consider them as the identity cards needed to travel, or best, as the passports, because thanks to the Gost R certification, Ambrovit can also reach Russia, as well as the rest of Europe. So yes, we are a bit like Mary Poppins, and our magic is actually professionalism, work, dedition, precision and the best possible technology.

And now that we’ve explained the secret, why don’t you take a ride on the pages of our spelling book, sorry, on our online catalogue?