Fields of application

The Blockframe screw with full thread is designed and manufactured for use on PVC windows and doors with unreinforced sections.

They are made of high quality and high strength carbon steel C1022, thus they are ideal for fastening hardware directly on PVC.

Features and certifications

The Full thread TSPG PH blockframe screws have a thread diameter of 4.3 mm, while the head diameter is 7.0 mm..

The countersunk head is slightly radiused. Three finishes are available in the catalogue: zinc Cr3 8µm (with salt spray resistance of 120 hr), zinc Cr3 3µm (with salt spray resistance of 24 hr) and, on request, zinc Cr3 8µm (with salt spray resistance of 400 hr).

This product has GOST R certification and thus it can be sold in Russia.

Laying and fixing operations

Fixing and tightening the full thread TSPG PH PVC screws is extremely easy, thanks to the diameter and the shape of the head, which allow the alignment on hardware countersink, also in case of irregular screwing.

An electric screwdriver with a PH2 tip (bit is not included in the package) is required. The PH recess is deeper than the standard one, allowing a greater and more effective tightening torque.

The screw is threaded up to the tip , for faster tightening and easier grip on PVC.

Finishes and packaging

There are 13 sizes available in the catalogue for this screw for PVC, with lengths ranging from 13 to 65 mm. The boxes contain from a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 1,000 pieces.

The minimum order quantity varies from a minimum of 2 boxes up to a maximum of 4 ready to ship in 24/48 hours.

For more technical information on this item see the specific page on our online catalogue.