Carpentry wood angle-brackets screws TC TX (57062) are designed for fastening preforated metal elements with 5 mm diameter, into laminated or hard wood.

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There are many carpentry works which involve the fastening of steel sheets or similar elements onto wood, like for example perforated sheets, brackets, hangers, corner profiles, and so on. All these applications involve the usage of a screw with two fundamental features: speed and ease of penetrate the wood and high resistance under the head, in order to prevent breaks.

Carpentry wood angle-brackets screws TC TX with reinforced neck type 17, with code 57062 on Ambrovit online catalogue, are especially designed for these purposes. The tightening is made through an electric screwdriver: the inserts are sold separately in two different models, a normal one with the code 00070 and the 50 mm one, with the code 00075.

Thanks to its serrated tip Type 17 the tightening is quick and break-proof, because the tip is able to easily penetrate the hardest wood, like maple, hornbeam, ash, elm, oak, walnut and similar. The reinforced neck guarantees higher resistance.

These TX screws for wood are made up of carbon steel, with Cr3 zinc plating hexavalent chromium free, as indicated by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive RoHS.

Carpentry wood angle-brackets screws TC TX have 5 mm diameter and are available in 6 different lengths: 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm e 70 mm. this product is ready to deliver, in boxes of 500 pcs each one, with a minimum order of 4 boxes.

This screw has ETA 16/0381 certification and it can be sold also in Russia thanks to the Gost R certification.

In order to have more information you can give a look at the data sheets on Ambrovit online catalogue.