Thanks to their extra-large head, the carpentry wood screws TMT RAN TX with serration and type 17 (67052) can distribute the load over a larger surface, ensuring an optimal grip.

For many carpentry works, when dealing with structures subjected to strong stresses, it is very important to use screws which can cope with a load higher than usual.

Chipboard screw TMT RAN TX are realized in stainless steel and they have a series of features which make them perfect for these situations and necessities.

We recommend their use on gazebos, kiosks, pavilions, mountain furniture and large structures.

The tightening can be easily done with an electric screwdriver, on any type of chipboard or wood, even the hardest ones, thanks to both the serrated tip Type 17 and the TX-drive form, which allows a continuous movement with less deterioration of the tool. Also the serration section contributes to the fluidity of the whole operation.

The insert is included in the packaging.

The head of the carpentry screw TMT RAN TX is extra-large and we sell 6, 8 and 10mm diameters with different lengths according to the diameter of the head.

6mm diameter starts with a minimum length of 30mm to a maximum of 300/70mm; 8mm head has a minimum of 50mm to a maximum of 450/100mm and finally 10mm head starts from 80/40mm to a maximum of 400/80mm.

The finishes available are: yellow zinc plating (until the end of the stock), Cr3 yellow zinc plating, Cr3 zinc plating and Enduro 1.000hr.

Our screws have ETA 16/0381 certification, CE EN 14592 certification from the University of Trent and GOST R certification, which allows to sell them in Russia. All the finishes are in compliance with the European Community Directive RoHS.

Among the available accessories for this kind of screw there are the conical washers for wooden carpentry, while in order to have more information on our product we invite you to check its dedicated page on our online catalogue.