Chipboard screw TMT TX (08062) is one of Ambrovit best seller, because of its reinforcing neck under head which improves its support ability.

Chipboard screws TX truss head with neck under head are perfect for many different carpentry works, both indoor and outdoor, and in particular for the fastening of strap-hinges, hinges, balconies and brackets with flaring holes.

When fastening on wood or chipboard panels, they guarantee a better aesthetic thanks to their characteristic large head which completely covers the hole.

For tightening these screws, we advise to use an electric screwdriver: the special insert is not included in the box, but it is sold separately, under request.

Chipboard screws TX truss head and neck under head are realized in stainless steel and they are available in three diameters: 5,5 – 6 and 7mm.

The tightening can be easily done thanks to its TX-drive form, which allows a fluid movement, without exerting much pressure, saving the tool from deterioration.

Four different types of zinc plating are available: yellow zinc plating, Cr3 zinc plating, Cr3 yellow zinc plating and Cr3 black zinc plating. With exception to the first type, which will be available until the end of the stock, the other finishes are in compliance with the European Community Directive RoHS, and thus, hexavalent chromium free.

These screws are sold in different lengths, depending on their diameter: for 5,5mm diameter we have from 20 to a maximum of 45mm length; for those with 6mm we have from 20 to 80mm length and for those with 7mm we have from 30 to 80mm length.

The number of screws per box and the minimum quantity to be ordered change according to the size of the screws. In our catalogue this product is available in industrial packaging as well.

Chipboard screws TX truss head and neck under head have both CE EN 14592 certification and Gost R certification which allows to sell them in Russia.

Among the available accessories we have the insert for electric screwdriver, while, in order to have the complete data sheet of this product and the available sizes, we advise you to check its dedicated page on our online catalogue.