Fields of application

The dome screws PZ and slotted combination wafer head (code 07800) are the first choice within the furniture industry. Recommended for assembly of handles and knobs, these screws allow a complete and perfect fastening of the parts.

Taking their intended use into account, the dome screws PZ and slotted combination wafer head are made of low grade steel (class 4.8). They can be fixed with a screwdriver or an electric screwdriver, and the operation is extremely simple.

Finishes and packaging

There are always 500 parts in our boxes, and the minimum supply varies according to the length of the product.

Three galvanised finishes are available for these screws: galvanised Cr3, yellow galvanised Cr3 and black galvanised Cr3 without hexavalent chromium, in compliance with the European Community Directive RoHS.

In addition to the galvanised finishes, these wood screws are also manufactured with bronze or nickel platedfinishes.
This product is GOST-R certified, which allows it to be marketed throughout Russia.

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