Fields of application

The PH bugle head drywall screws available in our Catalogue are designed for the fixing of plasterboard panels on metallic profiles and supports.

This type of installation is increasingly common in both the private and public sectors and Ambrovit, in addition to the sale of the item itself, has also devised an additional solution that facilitates the use of these self-drilling screws, leading to savings in time.

The installation requires the use of an electric screwdriver: Ambrovit provides the dedicated cross-head insert free of charge.

The plasterboard must be prepared by removing any residues or debris from the surface. The panel is subsequently drilled through. No predrilling on the metal profile or on the sheet underneath is required. The maximum drilling capacity of this screw is 0.6 mm.

In order to further facilitate the application, Ambrovit makes this type of item available in the form of rubber strips containing 50 screws (code 06050) that work like a continuous tape, allowing faster drilling operations, without having to handle each individual screw.

A special feature of this product is its phosphate coating, which increases corrosion resistance and facilitates the subsequent adhesion of the plaster.

These self-drilling plasterboard screws (06052) are made of C1022 hardened steel  and are available in various sizes: the 3.5 mm diameter model type has the following lengths: 25, 35, 45 and 55 mm, while the 4.2 mm model is sold in 70/45 and 75/45 mm lengths.

Finishes and packaging

The boxes contain a variable number of pieces depending on the size of the screw, from 200 to 1000 pieces, and the minimum supply is 2 boxes, with prompt delivery in 24/48 hours.

This plasterboard screw, in the version with rubber strips of 50 screws (code 06050) is only sold in the various 3.5 mm diameter models: the boxes contain 20 strips.

The drywall screws with PH bugle head with nail point and fine thread are CE marked, EN 14566 and GOST R certified and can therefore be marketed throughout the Soviet territory.

For more technical information on this item see the specific page on our online catalogue.