Wood screws TMT TX (67552) are the ideal solution for all the carpentry works regarding the fastening of sandwich-insulating panels on the roof.
When securing the insulation package on wood roofs, the stress and withdrawal forces the fastening systems will be subjected to, need to be taken into account.

The high weight of the roof, considering both battens and counter battens, tiles and the weight of the snow, needs strong wood screws. This screw should also resist the wind withdrawal force, which can be significantly strong, according to the weather.
Moreover, it is necessary to think about the layered composition of the insulating panels, in order to better project the screw which will fasten them.

TMT TX flat head screws, on the catalogue with the code 67552, and the Super TC TX screws with the code 76552 for those with the cylinder head, are realized in carbon steel, with zinc finishing Cr3 5µm, and their double thread makes them perfect for this kind of work.
The application can be done both at 90° or 45° with an electric screwdriver and the specific insert which is included in the package.

The fastening will be easily completed regardless of the panel type, thanks to its serrated tip Type 17, which is able to quickly and easily penetrate even the hardest wood.

At the end of the first thread there is a serration section which improves the fluidity of the whole operation. The under head thread has a double function: it improves the static performances of this carpentry screw, improving also its resistance to the withdrawal forces and then it avoids all the problems related to the crushing of the insulating material.

The optimised thread pitch allows an easy application for many usages, in both renovations and new buildings. Insulating screws TMT TX have a diameter of 8 mm and are available in 12 different sizes, from 165/60/80 to 472/60/100. They are sold in boxes of 50 pieces each and they have the ETA 16/0381 certification and Gost R certification, which allows to sell them in Russia. In order to have more information on this carbon steel screw and all the others carpentry wood screws, it is possible to consult our catalogue.
This product is delivered throughout Europe within 24/48 hours.