Fields of application

Hexagon head screws with full thread are widely used for assembling and fixing metallic parts.

There is a wide range uses, from industrial, mechanical and craft, to handicraft jobs and DIY.

These screws can be used either independently or in conjunction with nuts and washers.

Features and certifications

These metal hexagon head screws with full thread are made of high-strength steel (Class 8.8).

The product complies with DIN 933, Uni 5739 and Iso 4017 standards. It has GOST R certification and thus it can be sold in Russia.

Laying and fixing operations

The laying of hexagon head screws with full thread can be done without the aid of other items, although, depending on the type of application required, they can be used in conjunction with washers and nuts.

The spring washer provided for this item ensures ideal fastening, thus avoiding loosening.

Finishes and packaging

Hexagon head screws with full thread are sold in Cr3 zinc plated finish, in accordance with the European Community Directive RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

There are 11 different diameters, each available in various lengths for a total of over 160 combinations.

The number of pieces per box varies from a minimum of 10 pieces, in the case of larger sizes, to a maximum of 500 pieces for smaller sizes, ready to ship in 24/48 hours.

For more technical information on this item and on all diameter and length combinations, please see the specific page on our online catalogue.