Fields of application

Reduced cylindrical head concrete screws are very popular and widely used in window and door frame fixing operations.

Their rapid and growing diffusion is due to their ease of use and their versatility. The TX reduced head concrete screw can be used for the laying of skirting boards. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor work.

In terms of materials, these screws for cement and concrete offer a good range of applications and can be used for the fixing of wooden, aluminium or PVC frames.

The same is true for the supports: reduced head cap screws are suitable for solid masonry, concrete or hollow bricks.

Laying and fixing operations

Laying frames and skirting boards with this screw is very easy. A pre bore should be made, with a narrower diameter than the thread, using drill bits suitable for the various materials that will be drilled each time.

It is fastened and tightened without the need to vacuum out debris, as the grooved thread discharges debris during screwing.

No chemical fixings are required and an electric screwdriver can be used for the tightening operation, using the dedicated insert that Ambrovit supplies included in the package.

Finishes and packaging

The concrete screw with TX reduced cylinder head is a newly developed concrete screw, made of C1022 hardened steel.

Cr3 3µm galvanising, free of hexavalent chromium as required by European Community Directive RoHS, was introduced at a later stage.

The screw has a 5 mm diameter and is available in 7 different lengths. The steel used has a surface hardness of HV 560 Min and a core hardness of HV 330-450.

This product is GOST R certified and is therefore permitted to be sold throughout Russia.

The TX reduced cylinder head screw comes in seven sizes. The diameter always remains fixed at 5 mm and we have the following lengths available: 52, 62, 72, 82, 92, 102 and 112 mm.

Ambrovit sells this item in boxes of 200 pieces, with  a minimum supply of 4 boxes and guaranteed delivery in 24/48 hours.

For more technical information on this item see the specific page on our online catalogue.