The self-drilling screws TE FR with hexagonal head and assembled flat washer , that you can find on Ambrovit catalogue with the code 81172, are designed for fastening sheet plating onto metallic support and for some of the features they have, they are suitable for many different applications.

When dealing with metal coverings (both civil and industrial), the fastening of interlinked sheet plating or undulated materials (even insulated) or in the realization of garage and similar structures, being quick in fastening become important in order to reduce costs. When dealing with surfaces which are exposed to atmospheric agents or humidity, it is also fundamental to insulate the hole.

The tightening of self-drilling screws TE FR has to be made with an electric screwdriver and given that pre-drilling is not required, the assembling is easier and quicker.

After several tests in conformity with regulatory norms, Ambrovit recommends for this type of screw a speed of 2,000 revolutions per minute, remembering, however, that this speed is purely indicative.

Once the tightening is done, the assembled washer guarantees protection and insulation from water infiltration, thanks to its EPDM seal, which is also resistant to aging and heat.

These screws are made up of carbon steel and they are Cr3 zinc plated. This zinc plating is hexavalent chromium free, fitting the parameters of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive RoHS.

Self-drilling screws TE FR with hexagonal head and assembled flat washer can have diameters of 4,2 mm – 4,8 mm – 5,5 mm or 6,3 mm, with different lengths according to the diameter, from 16 mm to 180 mm, for more than 60 products ready to deliver in 24/48 hours..

The diameter 6,3 mm is equipped with cutting thread.

These articles have DIN 7504-K certifications, ISO 15480, UNI 8117 and GOST R which allow them to be sold also in Russia.

Self-drilling screws TE FR are sold in boxes of 200-2.000 pcs. according to the diameters, for a minimum quantity of 2 boxes.

In order to have more details on the different combinations of diameter and length visit our special page on Ambrovit online catalogue.