Ambrovit terrace screws TC TX with two threads (04364) are particularly recommended for outdoor uses.

These special carpentry wood terrace screws with TX trim conical head, have features which make them perfect for working on horizontal surfaces such as terraces, as well as on vertical facades.

When dealing with these carpentry works, we are always searching for screws which can ensure a secure fixing, as well as a concealment effect once that the job is done.

At the same time, with adverse weather conditions, we need a screw which can resist the action of time and atmospheric agents.

Our screws are realized in stainless steel and they are able to fully satisfy all these requests: the tightening is always so fluid and simple, regardless of the hardness and type of wood or chipboard used.

The visual impact is almost zero, thanks to their trim head and the wide range of available finishes.

Finally, the special nano-technology coating guarantees a long resistance to all the corrosive atmospheric agents.

We suggest to use an electric screwdriver: the specific insert is included in every single box.

Its serrated tip Type 17 easily penetrates different types of wood. Spruce, maple, oak, pine, cedar, mahogany, hickory, douglas fir, cherry, or various types of chipboard, and composite materials: thanks to this screw you will be able to work on any surface, avoiding to break the wooden support.

The tightening is made easier also thanks to its special tri-lobe and inverse thread, which can improve the performances of our screw.

There are five different finishes available in our catalogue and it will be very easy to find the suitable shade which will match the coating you used.

Brown, sand, golden, green or gray: these the finishes available, which, thanks to their special Nano-technology coating 1.000 Hr, provides extraordinary results when tested.

The nano-technology coating can resist more than 1.000 hours, as demonstrated by tests carried out in salt spray chambers, according to ISO 9227. Moreover, the zinc plating is free from hexavalent chromium, in compliance with the European Community Directive RoHS.

The quality of the terrace screws TC TX is proved by the ETA 16/0381 certification and the Gost R, which allows to sell them in Russia.

Terrace screws TC TX are available in five different sizes: the head has a 5mm diameter and it is available in 40, 50, 60, 70 e 80mm lengths. According to the size, the boxes may contain 100 or 200 screws, for a minimum order of 4 boxes.

In case you are interested to discover more about this product, we invite you to check its data sheet on the Ambrovit online catalogue.