Ambrovit, a leading company in fastening systems, continues to tell its story through the significant figures that distinguish it on the international market

2022 was a memorable year for Ambrovit. The company achieved many goals and overcame many challenges, further strengthening its solidity on domestic and foreign markets. The results obtained are real milestones on the road to excellence.

With over 18,000 unique products, Ambrovit is constantly enriching its range of fastening systems

Significant figures and factual elements, they tell an authentic story if communicated through empathetic and creative storytelling. This is why the innovative and engaging communication seen in 2022 was able to convey the brand’s values and activities, reaching record numbers of views and acclaim on the web.


The new campaign We are not numbers which permeated the 2023 communications, continues to reveal the company’s potential with an increasingly creative and engaging approach.

An increasingly international atmosphere and exciting images will tell the next chapter of Ambrovit’s communications.

Again this year, the campaign includes an advertising plan both offline and online that strategically interacts with users’ web experience to arouse their curiosity and encourage them to keep discovering new information.