Ambrovit’s communication has always been characterised by the desire to deliver our message in an innovative, engaging way.

Our latest cross-media campaign We are not numbers, created by Milan-based communication agency momaStudio, marks a new chapter in our long-time collaboration, presenting Ambrovit through empathetic and creative data storytelling.

This unusual year has posed many challenges to all of us. What immediately emerged, in regards to our new corporate communication campaign, was the wish to deliver a different message, bold and empathetic, capable of conveying both our values and our activities. – Mattia Sozzè, Ambrovit Quality Manager.

Thus the manifesto We are not numbers” was born: a creative showcase of Ambrovit’s stability, describing the background of the company through data and figures representing not only the goals achieved, but the values and people who made it possible, the true engines of the company’s ever-growing success.


We chose an unusual narrative approach, capable of transmitting Ambrovit’s smart DNA through simple, effective and contemporary communication. – Riccardo Severgnini, momaStudio Creative Director.

The campaign includes both offline and online advertising plan, that strategically interacts with an original web experience.
Later advertisements will be enriched with new information pertaining to company products. Indeed, the plan includes 5 spotlights on top products’ main categories.

Dominated by the slogan We are not numbers” the first teaser release piques users’ curiosity, prompting them to visit the website displayed on the page and plunge into a modern web environment, rich in animations and – more importantly – answers.

The new Ambrovit communication campaign is ready to be explored, page after page, one click at a time.