Special Box: new for 2019

This year Ambrovit has introduced a new packaging format: the Special Box. This concept originates from Germany. The Klein Paket, as it was originally called, was mainly designed to meet the specific requirements of all those end users who need to procure a specific item without having to purchase excessive quantities.

The main aim is to avoid unnecessary waste on the part of the company and at the same time to reduce purchasing costs for the end user.

This Special Box, in fact, is different from the others in that each individual box contains a lower quantity of the product.

Special Box: The products

There are currently 10 types of product available in the Special Box, as clearly shown in the dedicated section of our online catalogue. These products are of course also available in the standard packaging.


Ambrovit: always attentive to the client’s needs

At Ambrovit, product packaging is a fundamental part of the production process. It takes place in-house to ensure the highest quality and the lowest level of error.
In addition to the Special Box, this year the Garlasco company has introduced other box formats, also personalised and standardised to enable the client to arrange their orders and deliveries to suit their storage requirements.

Ambrovit: identification labels

All packaging that leaves the Garlasco logistics hub carries an identification label. This label complies with the required standards in line with the obligations set out in the existing regulations applicable to CE marked products. The identification label varies in colour according to the family to which the product belongs. As well as the information required by law, it displays the technical drawing of the product contained.