Every single product which Ambrovit sells, has a series of certifications on its package. Previously, we compared them to an identity card or a passport, which allow our screws, bolts and hardware to reach construction sites, hardware stores and houses.
But the comparison is not totally correct, something more is necessary: these certifications attest the quality, suitability, and “state of health” of the screws and bolts that we provide.

And on this passport and health certificate you will find a lot of codes, each with a function and meaning which are essential in order to sell in Europe and in the world.


From July 2013 with the European Regulation 305/2011 (Regulation on Construction Products CPR 305/2011) the supplier must provide for every single construction product, the DoP, a brand new certification of compliance.

If there is an European norm on one product, then it must have a CE mark and a DoP, that is, the number under the CE mark.

The DoP guarantees important performance features of the screws, nuts, washer, hex lag screws, bolts and hardware we provide, as well as environmental sustainability and eventually the data on the toxicity of some components.

Acronyms like EN or ETA are released from TAB, an Organization for Technical Evaluation that checks the quality of these products.

Euronorm 14592 registers dimensional parameters and checking methods to apply to articles and, from 2016 Ambrovit obtained ETA certification for its carpentry screws.

Another quality certificate is that provided from the laboratories in the Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering at the University of Trento.
Other important acronyms that you can find in different colours on Ambrovit packages are ISO, UNI and DIN.

ISO establishes the requirements of the Quality Management System, which allows a constant quality level.


UNI and DIN set the standards shared on the market, in a way that one DIN will correspond to a specific screw, which is the same everywhere. They are two acronyms, associated to different numbers, which allow to identify with precision the screw, regardless of the specific name, which may differ from producer to producer.

Finally, the GOST R certification.

GOST R is for the Russian Federation, what CE is for Europe: it is a document which certifies the validity of a product in respect to the parameters and technical norms in Russia, so it allows the products to be sold in those territories.


Ambrovit can also boast the certification of the Russian Association for the construction of timber houses.

These are the “stamps” on Ambrovit passport, which allow our company to sell in Europe, as well as in Russia, with products ready for delivery in 24/48 hours with customers’ high level of satisfaction.