In Ambrovit the quality of the customer service doesn’t just limit to the continuous test of every single piece we produce or to the huge variety of products in our warehouse and in our catalogue.

Once we get the screws, bolts, nuts, washers and hex lag screws we need, and after we checked their quality standards, it is time to deal with the packaging.

Standardization is the key word which simplifies our life, as well as customers’ life: in Ambrovit the packaging of the products is made inside our company, in order to guarantee the maximum quality also in this field.

Few possible solutions, in order to make both the packaging and the logistics easier: the products sold by Ambrovit are packed in finely undulated carton boxes, with a label that identifies the product, a sort of identity card of the item contained.

But we also have 20kg cartons, polypropylene and plastic bags, up to a maximum of 1kg.

We will get back on the identity label in another video, for the moment we will talk about our magic boxes “no mistakes”.

We are used tosay “no mistakes” because we weight and control them all, one after another and it will be impossible for you to receive a box with a missing piece.

Everything is weighted and tested with automated control equipment and in each box you will always find the quantity you requested!

Let’s have a recap about what we saw until this moment…. Screws, bolts, washers and hardware of every sizes and forms, in what is the largest European range in our sector. Everything is checked by our “doctor” and it ends up in boxes and bags with its identity label.

Finally, they are ready to reach our customers in the shortest time possible. How? We will soon discover it in our next video!