Rigor and discipline!

The metaphor with the army might seem excessive, but in order to deliver every type and size of screw in every corner of Europe and Russia, in the shortest time possible and with the lowest rate of errors, we need a large amount of rationality and order.

It is not a case that when you search for the term “logistics” on any dictionary, one of the first meanings that we find is “the organizational technique of the supplies of an army.”

Do you see? Everything is clear in this military metaphor: areas such as woodworking and carpentry, or the furniture shops, hardware shops and many others and establishments are the army, the infantrymen of the construction and installation, and Ambrovit has to keep these first lines well-stocked.

Any general or book of tactics will confirm it: one of the key elements to win a war, is the speed and quality of supplies which arrive at the front.

Cutting off the supplies and also the best armed troops will not be able to proceed.

And Ambrovit front, as we already said, includes several nations that have a constant need of screws and bolts.

Prompt delivery and great attention to the needs of the customer are always important and crucial goals for Ambrovit.

In the previous video we’ve shown you the great care and attention we put in quality control, our unique assortment of screws and bolts and the meticulous care for the packaging. But all these cares and attentions would serve little if we deliver late, resulting to be the slower of our competitors.

So go on, marsch! Here in Ambrovit when we say “ready to deliver” we are serious, it is not just a slogan: our advanced transport systems enable us to satisfy little and big orders, in normal or stressful situations, reaching any area.

Our handling system, fully automated and computerized, is able to cope with any type of request in the shortest time possible.

The next goal of our military campaign?

What a question: the supply of screws and bolts on Mars: we’re gearing up!