Blockframe self-drilling screws, on Ambrovit catalogue with the code 11011, are designed for PVC-UP and have special features which make them perfect for holding backing and hardware on backings.

They are made up of high quality carbon steel, they have countersunk radiused head 7 mm diameter and 4 ribs, which are fundamental for fastening on PVC.

Its thread diameter is 3,9 mm and the fastening requires an electric screwdriver PH 2 drive.

Two are the crucial elements during the tightening: the special self-drilling blockframe tip, which allows a direct, stable and smooth drilling, without any pre-drilling.

The ribs under head scrape the PVC at the end of the tightening, slowing down the screwing and ensuring more control and precision.

The special PH head is deeper than standard screws: this guarantees higher tightening torque and radiused head looks better.

Blockframe self-drilling screws TSPG PH are available in three different sizes, ready to deliver in 24/48 hours: 3,9 x 14 mm, or 16 mm or 19 mm, for a working length of 7,9 mm or 12 mm.

Particular attention was reserved to the plating process: beyond Cr3 8µ (Top) and Cr3 3µ (Base), it is available on request Cr3 8µ (High Top), a special treatment for higher resistance. All the treatments are hexavalent chromium free, in respect of the parameters of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive RoHS.

Blockframe self-drilling screws TSPG PH can be sold in Russia thanks to the Gost R certification.

This product is sold in boxes of 1000 pcs for a minimum quantity of 4 boxes and cartons of 12 boxes each one.

In order to have more info on these screws and to order online, visit our page on Ambrovit online catalogue.