Machine screws mushroom head square neck with nut, on Ambrovit catalogue with code 06031, are extremely versatile, as they can be used in different works on wood, plastic and metal. They have been designed for those applications where it is important to prevent unscrewing from the outside.

They are made up of low tensile steel, with two different platings.

There are many occasions in which, for safety reasons as well as for aesthetic purposes, you need to use screws that have a completely smooth and rounded head: from the fastening of gates, doors and garage doors, to panels or boards in different materials.

Mushroom head screws TTDQ+NUT are ideal for these uses: they prevent any attempt of unscrewing because there are no handles or grooves, and they are easy to fasten.

The fastening has to be made from the inside, with a wrench, working on the nut: these screws have a square under the head which avoids the rotation of the screw.

This type of screw is made up of low tensile steel, with a tensile strength of 400 N/mm² and an elastic limit of 320 N/mm².

Two different platings, both hexavalent chromium free in respect of the European Community Directive RoHS: Cr3 zinc plating and hot dip galvanized.

Mushroom head screws TTDQ+NUT respect the DIN 603/555 and UNI 5732 norms, and they can be sold in Russia thanks to the Gost R certification.

Ambrovit has different models ready to deliver. The models vary according to the diameters of the head, the square under the head and for the lengths, for a total amount of 113 different models.

According to the models, boxes from 25 pcs to 500 pcs are sold, for a minimum quantity of two boxes.

In order to have more information on the models and lengths, in particular the partial or total thread and for online orders, you can visit our page on Ambrovit electronic catalogue.