In carpentry works involving the installation of ventilated facades, one of the fundamental aspects is to get a verticality that is correct, constant, and fixed: spacer screws TSP TX (05452) available in ten different sizes on Ambrovit catalogue, are especially designed for this purpose.

This self-drilling screw has ribs and 2 different threads which make it perfect for fastening floors or ceilings, as well as battens and panels of wood or chipboard.

The tightening is carried out through the use of an electric screwdriver and the TX inserts are sold separately.

The fastening is easy and quick, thanks to the serrated tip Type 17, which penetrates any type of panel, both made up of chipboard or of the hardest woods.

The flat head TX allows the screw to create a smooth surface, without steps between the surface and the screw, in order to allow a further finishing of the surface.

The special ring thread is fundamental after the tightening: unscrewing it, it can be possible to put the panels at distance and the rings allow a constant and precise distance, without using other elements.

Spacer screws TSP TX are made up of carbon steel and are Cr3 zinc plated, hexavalent chromium free, respecting the parameters of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive RoHS.

These TX screws have a double certification: Gost R which allow them to be sold in Russia, and ETA 16/0381 for their quality and conformity.

Spacer screw TSP TX has 6 mm diameter and is available in ten different lengths, from 60/30 mm to 160/60 mm: the minimum order ready to ship is two boxes, which according to the lengths may contain 100 or 200 pcs.

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