Fields of application

The taptite screws with hexagon flat washer head with trilobular thread are widely used in iron applications that require the ability to withstand high loads.

The main fields of application of this type of screw are in the mechanical and industrial sector, such as fixing of spotlights on suspended beams.

Another important feature of these tri-lobed section screws is their ability to form a strong and consistent thread when fastening and tightening non-threaded holes.

The tri-lobed section allows concentrating the torque on three zones: in this way the friction is significantly reduced during fixing operations and subsequent threading.

Tightening operations can be carried out manually or by means of an electric screwdriver with the use of a dedicated insert, not included in the package.

Finishes and packaging

The taptite screws with hexagon flat washer head are made of C1022 tempered steel with a galvanised Cr3 finish, in compliance with EU Community Directive RoHS.

These screws comply with DIN 7500-D and DIN 8111 standards and can be marketed throughout Russia under GOST R certification.

There are five diameters available in the catalogue, each of which has different lengths. This item is sold in boxes containing between 200 and 1,000 pieces, depending on the size.

For more technical information on this item see the specific page on our online catalogue.