Concrete screws cylinder head TC TX (07062) are realized in carbon steel C1022 with a zinc plated finish, and thanks to their features they are employed for the fixture of doors and windows, both indoor and outdoor.

The last pitch of the screw, with HI-LO thread, allows it to be used directly on walls, without using chemical products or additional blocks. These screws are suitable for concrete supports, full masonry or perforated bricks.

In the same way, they can be easily used on PVC, wood or aluminium frames, being suitable for many fields of application on window and door frames.

Siting operations need an initial usage of an electric drill with a 6mm bit, placed perpendicularly respect to the frame. Different bits need to be used according to the material used, for example a wood bit for a wooden frame, using a bit for concrete when reaching the wall or partition.

Once the drilling is done, let’s clean the rubbles and go on with the application of the concrete screw TC TX (07062) with an electric screwdriver. Every single pack is provided with a specific insert to be used with the electric screwdriver.

During the process the last pitch of the screw, with HI-LO thread, will guarantee a safe and reliable application, while the self-tapping thread will provide to remove the rubbles produced during the spinning.

After the fixture is completed, Ambrovit provides six different plastic caps, in the most commonly used colours for window and door frames: white, grey, black, ochre, light brown and dark brown.

Carbon steel concrete screws TC TX (07062) have 7,5 mm diameters and, according to the models, a length which can vary between 52 and 302 mm.

The boxes contain 100 pieces each and the minimum quantity you can order is two boxes: all the models have the Gost R certification, in this way it is possible to sell them in Russia.
This product is delivered throughout Europe within 24/48 hours.