Fields of application

The wood screws with hexagonal head (code 05710), allow quick and easy tightening and effective and long-lasting fixing.

The hex lag screw holds a special place and role among the countless types of wood screws: also known as the tap screw, it usually stands out for its significant diameter. It has wide application within the construction industry.

It has several uses and amongst the most frequent ones we find the fixing of undulated or corrugated sheets to wooden supports.

In addition to the construction of wooden roofs, the wood screws with hexagonal head are used for gazebos and, in general, for various forms of fixing of metal parts on wood: suffice to say that they were originally used in the transport industry for the fastening of rails to sleepers.

The wood screws with hexagonal head sold by Ambrovit are made of low 4.8 grade steel, and have 2 different types of finishes: Cr3 galvanised and hot-dip galvanised.

The screw can be tightened using an appropriate size of hex key. A wood borehole is not required as the screw is self-drilling. This hex lag screw has a very high performance and high resistance to shear load. The wood screws with hexagonal head comply with DIN 571 and Uni 704 standards and are CE marked as well as EN 14592 and GOST R certified: it is therefore a product that can be marketed within the European Community as well as throughout the Soviet territory.

The assortment of wood screws with hexagonal head available is extremely wide: we offer diameters of 6, 7, 8, 10 or 12 millimetres, each of which is in turn available in various lengths, generally between 40 and 200 millimetres, for a total of 64 different types.

Finishes and packaging

As a result of this extreme differentiation of types, even the number of units per box varies according to type and goes from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 100 pieces, with minimum orders for prompt 24/48 hour-deliveries ranging from 2 to 4 boxes.

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