Trade and Fairs

Our goal is to strengthen our presence to better respond to new challenges offered by the market

In order to provide its specific competence to the customers and to establish new relationships, we believe that taking part in trade fairs is the most direct way. The specialized personnel who greet you at the welcoming fair stands are able to satisfy all your specific requests, showing the full range of products and providing all the information on the special services offered to the customers.


After our first experience at the specialized Naples Fair in 2008, we started to enlarge/expand the company’s commercial frontiers, spreading our image in the other European countries and taking part in specific trade fairs, in Stuttgart, Cologne, Budapest, S. Petersburg, Hannover, Moscow and Paris in the different editions.edizioni.


Thanks to these fairs Ambrovit S.p.A. got great satisfactions. In particular we saw our company be recognised as one of the trade leaders enabling us to widen the countries in which we sell our products and the offered range. Growth at a European level that saw exports increase to more than 40% of current sales. It is easy to imagine that in the coming years the company will continue to increase its service levels.


Thanks to these excellent results, Ambrovit S.p.A. continues in this way and on 2014 it will set-up the stands at the specialized trade fair in Kazakistan and on 2015 in Stuttgard and in Ferroforma (Spain).

Sector magazines

Ambrovit S.p.A. conveys itself and its products with great passion and quality.
The brand has a constant presence in the most important sectorial magazines, publications that arrive directly on the desks of the most important buyers of every sector, in order to shows the company’s professionalism and seriousness.

• Fastener + Fixing magazine
• Ferramenta 2000
• Ferramenta & Casalinghi
• Ferrutensil
• iFerr Magazine

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